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Convert AWS Cloudformation JSON templates into YAML

AWS have recently upgraded their Cloudformation engine to cope with YAML templates.  This is a major boon for us all! 🙂

Here is a small python script that will help convert your json templates over to yaml.

Your joins and …


DynamoDB For Games

When making games it’s impossible to tell how successful you will be.

While MSSQL and MYSQL are pretty good choices, their scalability and elasticity are issues.

AWS DynamoDB offers a reasonable alternative for indy games.

Check out this article on …


AWS ELB Any Port!


How cool is that!

“If the front-end connection uses TCP or SSL, then your back-end connections can use either TCP or SSL. If the front-end connection uses HTTP or HTTPS, then your back-end connections can use either HTTP or


Bulk delete contact objects from AD OU

The situation for us was the migration of a Novell site to a Microsoft site.

In order for the Dept B’s employees to turn up in Dept A’s global address list in Outlook an OU was created and DirXML was …