AWS NY Summit – Summary of Announcements

1 min read

The following from the blog are the announcements:

  • Amazon EventBridge  This new service builds on the event-processing model that forms the basis for Amazon CloudWatch Events, and makes it easy for you to integrate your AWS applications with SaaS applications
  • Cloud Development Kit (now GA)
  • Fluent Bit Plugins for AWS ( multi-platform, open source log processor and forwarder that is compatible with Docker and Kubernetes environments. )
  • AWS Toolkit for VS Code (This toolkit lets you develop and test locally (including step-through debugging) in a Lambda-like environment, and then deploy to the AWS Region of your choice )
  • Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights Preview ( CloudWatch Dashboards that monitor the performance and health of your Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate clusters, tasks, containers, and services.)
  • CloudWatch Anomaly Detection Preview ( uses machine learning to continuously analyze system and application metrics, determine a nominal baseline, and surface anomalies, all without user intervention. )
  • Amazon SageMaker Managed Spot Training (coming soon) – You will soon be able to use Amazon EC2 Spot to lower the cost of training your machine learning models. 

I’d have to say my fav from the list is the Amazon Event Bridge: with the Machine Learning integration into CloudWatch coming a close second 🙂

Check out the AWS blog for further links and details of each announcement.