SQL 2012 Upgrade Steps for Mirrored Database Servers

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      Mirror was on


      Principal was on


      Witness was on


      Disable Backup Jobs on all servers


      Full Safety = 2?


      Remove Witness


      Mirrors In Sync?


      Suspend Mirroring


      Full Backup on Principal Done?


      RESTORE VERIFY ONLY on backup done?


      DBCC CHECKDB Done?


      SP1 & CU8 the Mirror Server & Reboot


      Resume the database mirroring sessions


      Perform manual failover


      Run the DBCC CHECKDB command on the “new” principal server


      Pause the database mirroring sessions.


      Install the service pack or the hotfix on the new mirror server (the old principal). & Reboot


      Resume the database mirroring sessions


      SP & CU the Witness Server & Reboot


      Add witness back into mirror


      Failback to orginal principal


    Re-enable backup jobs