wordpress blank page on reset password

1 min read

Are you using WordPress, Woocommerce and Responsive full width background slider pro plugin?

You might be finding that your reset password process is breaking.

The email gets to the customer but when they click on the link it ends up in a blank page.

This is because the responsive full width background (RFWB) slider has some code it in thats causing the problem.

Unfortunately this amazing plugin has been discontinued by the coder so I’ve had to work the hack / fix myself.

You need to locate the file in your word press plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/responsive-full-width-background-slider-pro):

In there around line 903 to 909 is the following (within the function rfwbs_render_coming_soon()):

		// Return if a login page

		if(preg_match("/login/i",$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) > 0){

			return false;


This needs to be remarked out! And all will return to normal.


		// Return if a login page

		//if(preg_match("/login/i",$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) > 0){

		//	return false;


You can either edit this file using cpanel file manager if you’re using CPANEL or you can download it using FTP and edit then re-upload, or you can edit directly via a SHELL.. depends on your hosting environment.

How this impacts the coming soon function 100% I’m not sure but for now my site isn’t using the coming soon options so its not an issue.