Amazon SES now enables DKIM using your own RSA key pair

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Hi folks. First post for 2020!

As I left off around Dec 13th ish I’ve had some catching up to do on posts from AWS so here we go with my first one 🙂

On Dec 13th AWS announced that you can now bring your own RSA key pair when setting up DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) in their Simple Email Services (SES).

This feature is useful for customers who use the same domain to send email across several AWS Regions, or across separate AWS accounts. Additionally, if you use Amazon SES to send emails on behalf of your customers, your customers can send emails that are signed using your own DKIM keys.

Key take away.. No additional Charge! 🙂 Nice one AWS. There is a link to a nice post regarding setting up SES in a multi-tenant solution as well: