AWS S3 Same Region Replication!

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From the blog: ” with SRR, new objects uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket are configured for replication at the bucket, prefix, or object tag levels. Replicated objects can be owned by the same AWS account as the original copy or by different accounts, to protect from accidental deletion.

Honestly, why this wasn’t already done I don’t know but yay? ūüôā finally we have it.

You can set up a bucket replication in the same region without having to muck around with a trigger and a lambda function.

Constraints as per docs:

Replication requires the following:

  • The source bucket owner must have the source and destination AWS Regions enabled for their account. The destination bucket owner must have the destination Region enabled for their account. For more information about enabling or disabling an AWS Region, see¬†AWS Regions and Endpoints¬†in the¬†AWS General Reference.
  • Both source and destination buckets must have versioning enabled.
  • Amazon S3 must have permissions to replicate objects from the source bucket to the destination bucket on your behalf.
  • If the owner of the source bucket doesn’t own the object in the bucket, the object owner must grant the bucket owner¬†READ¬†and¬†READ_ACP¬†permissions with the object access control list (ACL). For more information, see¬†Managing Access with ACLs.
  • If the source bucket has Amazon S3 object lock enabled, the destination bucket must also have object lock enabled. For more information, see¬†Locking Objects Using Amazon S3 Object Lock.To enable replication on a bucket that has object lock enabled, contact¬†AWS Support.”

Thanks AWS!