Another well sought after feature has been recently released by AWS 🙂

This is welcome news to a project I’ve recently assisted with where a voice gateway was being implemented in AWS. We’ll be sure to circle back and optimise with this one 🙂

Further to the voice win are the following core data center services that can now be migrated:

“If you are hosting DNSSIPSNMPSyslogRADIUS, and other UDP services in your own data center, you can now move the services to AWS.  “

Whilst Route53 covers the DNS in AWS for the most part, I’m certain SIP and SNMP will be a good win for some enterprises who may be using those with great success.

I’m more a fan of Cloud Native with CloudWatch than trying to use Syslog in AWS however I’m pleased to see AWS are enabling customers who wish to remain with the old school tools. Its about choice and option so kudos to that AWS.