AWS have released a new service for mirroring traffic in a VPC to a ENI or a Load Balancer. This allows you to pipe traffic to your favorite TCP Packet Capturing tool.

Finally! 🙂 Promiscuity hits the cloud 😉 Well nearly all of it as its not available in all regions just yet. ” VPC Traffic Mirroring is available now and you can start using it today in all commercial AWS Regions except Asia Pacific (Sydney), China (Beijing), and China (Ningxia). Support for those regions will be added soon.  ” Of course I’m in Sydney! :\

You can set this up using the VPC ConsoleEC2 CLI, or the EC2 API, with CloudFormation support still in the works.

The blog post is found here:

From the post the following partners can be used to receive captures who have also posted blogs: