VMWare Finding What Machines Have An ISO Mounted

1 min read

Have had issues trying to download and / or copy between datastores ISO files to create new ISO Folders.

Turns out that while VMWare allows multi-use on the ISO within Machines it locks the file still and causes errors when transporting out of the datastore.

So you have to “unlock” the ISO by unmounting it on all machines it has been selected for use regardless of whether the machine is powered on or the device is powered on or not.

VMWare PowerCLI is your friend.  Install it.

Either run it or use PowerShell and use Add-PSSnapin VMWare*

Then connect to the server using Connect-VIServer

Then to get everything listed use:

Get-VM | Get-CDDrive | select @{N="VM";E="Parent"},IsoPath | where {$_.IsoPath -ne $null}

Then modify the -ne $null to be more explcict if that is too wide a search for you and is hard to read as the line is concatinated; hence why I tried using standard powershell to run the command.