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wordpress blank page on reset password

wordpress blank page on reset password

Are you using WordPress, Woocommerce and Responsive full width background slider pro plugin?

You might be finding that your reset password process is breaking.

The email gets to the customer but when they click on the link it ends up …


AWS CPanel AMI Default WHM Root Password

This is the EC2 Servers Root account password.

you need to login via putty and do a

sudo passwd

and set a new password

then you can login to WHM using root and your new password to create cpanel accounts.…


The parameter groupName cannot be used with the parameter subnet

Lately I’ve been getting “The parameter groupName cannot be used with the parameter subnet “ when trying to cloudform an EC2 instance.

my template does not have a parameter called groupName in it!?!

On the net I’ve found:



Source Initiated Subscription – Non Domain Joined Machines

So you came here expecting to learn about how to set up a source initated subscription because you have a non domain joined machine you want to collect even logs from.

You’ve followed the instructions here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb870973%28v=vs.85%29.aspx  and failed.

Same. …


WordPress Cookies Blocked Issue

Have recently stumbled across the wordpress cookie blocked issue.

Seeing as I write my own plugins I could hone in on the issue being something I’d developed. (by deleting my plugins (ensurinng I had a backup of course))

Or so …


How to downgrade an S4 on a Mac with Odin

Took a while to find so hopefully this useful to me and someone else in the future